November 9, 2010

The joys of Breastfeeding

As moms we always want the best for our babies, and that includes giving them the proper nourishment they need. So as much as possible, i always try to breastfeed my baby. But its a big challenge especially for working moms like me. It takes a lot of patience and dedication. But why not put in the effort if it will benefit your child?

The experience of breastfeeding is beneficial for so many reasons:
For babies:
-reduces the risk of constipation and colic
-protection against several disease and infections like influenza and diarrhea
-child receives the most complete nutrients and antibodies
-reduces the risk of SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome
-reduces the risk of tooth decay
-helps improve brain development
-bonding experience for baby and mommy
-breastfed babies smells great (true!)

For mommies:
-helps mommies to return to their original figure faster as it promotes weight loss
-helps reduce the risk of breast and cervical cancer
-helps mommies to save money from buying infant formula
-convenient especially when travelling (milk is available anytime, no hassle!)

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