November 8, 2010

Are Vaccines that important?


   My son just had his first dose of rotateq vaccine yesterday.  Its a vaccine that helps prevent rotavirus gastroenteritis, and not like any other vaccines it is given orally. Its a bit expensive as it cost around 3,800 for just a single dose.

   Regardless of the cost, i still consider getting  my children vaccinated. Although it doesn't guarantee complete protection from a disease, still, its considered as an advantage.

   According to studies, vaccines are proven to be highly effective in strengthening the child's immunity and in preventing life threatening diseases like pneumonia and meningitis. And it doesn't just save lives but it saves money as well. Just imagine the money you can save from medicines, doctor's visits and hospital bills. It surely is a good investment.
   Here in our country, getting immunized is highly encouraged by health professionals. That's why recommended vaccines (BCG, DPT, OPV, Hep B) are available at our local health centres for free. So why not take advantage of that? Besides, prevention is better than cure, right?


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