November 8, 2010

Life of a single mom - Government Benefits of a Solo parent

It is hard being a single mom. Raising two  kids alone is a very tough job especially financially. It takes a lot of dedication and hard work. Good thing our local government recognizes the hardships and responsibilities of single parents, and thus providing comprehensive programs and services especially for us.
Some of the benefits are:

* Livelihood Development services - this includes trainings on livelihood skills, basic business management, value orientation, provision of capital, and job placement.
* Counselling Services - it can be for an individual, peer group or family counselling. This focuses on personal relationships and role conflicts
* Parent effectiveness services - expansion of knowledge and skills of the solo parent.
* Critical incidence stress debriefing 
* Flexible working schedule, provided that it will not affect the individual and the company's productivity. Unfortunately this doesn't apply to my line of work.
* Parental Leave of not more than (7) days with pay. This one's my favorite! I get to spend more time with my family especially my kids.
* Scholarship programs for qualified solo parents and their children in institutions of basic, tertiary and technical/skills education.
* Nonformal education programs appropriate for solo parents and their children.

So maximize all the benefits we can get, it is not a joke to raise a kid alone.


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