February 5, 2011

Gleeky Nails!

Attention all Gleeks out there, Sephora by Opi will be releasing a collection of Glee inspired nail polish which will hit the stores this February.
The collection will feature 7 shades: Slushied (Opaque Blue), Hell to the No (bold purple), Gleek out (Lime glittery green), Diva in Training (poppy pink), Who Let the Dorks Out (peacock green),  Miss Bossy Pants (rich raspberry), and Mash-Up (pearlescent green gray). They will also have 3 sets of chic print nail appliques - Gold star, Music notes, and Navy and white Polka dot. Each polish will sell for $9.50. As for the the chic print, it will sell for $15.00 per set.
And very soon they'lle be launching their own make-up and fragrance line too!

Watch out for the upcoming Valentine episode where they will be featuring the Nail Polish collection!


  1. not much fan of glee, but i am of OPI nail polishes haha :P

  2. haha glee nail polishes! :D this is cute!

  3. this one is so fab...got one from The Hyphen Store...

  4. Love it

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