February 9, 2011

Voice Blogging Service by Globe

Globe Telecom officially launched the very first voice blogging service here in the Philippines.

Its like a voice-based Twitter, that lets you share status updates using your voice. According to them, it gives social media a more 'personal twist'.

To use the service, just Dial **1 from your Globe mobile phone and start recording your blog for free! You can also invite friends to follow your voice blog. Just ask them to dial ** followed by your 11-digit  mobile number. (example: **09151234567). They will be notified through SMS and will be asked to click and listen to your recorded update.
Local celebrities like Jim Paredes and Yeng Constantino are also into voice blogging. To follow them,  just simply dial their user codes at Php 2.50/min. You can also listen to featured celebrity bloggers for free by dialling **3000

This new service can also be used as a form of advertising campaign, as well as tools to socialize and build communities.

Lets just wait and see on how filipinos will take this new technology considering that we are tagged as "The Social Networking Capital of the World."


  1. Just found out about this today. Sounds really awesome!

  2. Didn't know about it so thanks for sharing!Sounds cool!